EUCaseNet (Beta)

Network structures and dynamics in EU case law


EUCaseNet is a tool aiming to apply data mining and network analysis techniques to the entire body of EU case law made available in open format by the EU Commission portal EUR-Lex.
The goal is to provide new tools for the study of the evolution of European legal system, even experimenting innovative methods of visual information retrieval.
Project outcomes area awaited to be beneficial both for legal scholars, citizens and legal practictioners.
EUCaseNet involves an interdisciplinary research group of computational legal scientists, computer scientists and legal informatics researchers.


Concept: Nicola Lettieri(University of Sannio - ISISLAB)
Design: Nicola Lettieri, Sebastiano Faro(ITTIG - CNR), Armando Faggiano(ISISLAB)
Implementation: Armando Faggiano